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The mission of Bannas Foundation, a Non-Profit organization in the United States and a Non-Governmental organization in Guyana, is to promote youth and community development by providing a reliable, organized means of participation in a range of recreational and social activities in the United States and Guyana.


Bannas Foundation (U.S.A) is a registered Not-For-Profit (501C-3) Organization

President: Keith “Roddy” Walcott

Vice-President: Vilmont Lindo

Secretary: KathyAnn Walcott

Treasurer: Mark Walcott

Public Relations Officer: Windell Thomas

Committee Members

Clarence “Starry” Coleridge, Vincent “AG” Greene, Warren Walcott, Sharon Walcott


Bannas Foundation (Guyana) is a registered Non-Govermental Organization

President: Kevin “Jahman” Walcott

Vice-President: Fred Walcott

Secretary: Courtney “Preacher” Frank

Treasurer: Steve Rutherford

Public Relations Officer: Johnny “Overseas” Barnwell

Committee Members

Clyde “Doubles” Tate, Terry Welch, Denzil Thompson, Shereen, Philander, Ray Philander